E-commerce Website Development Company

E-commerce can serve as a springboard to help your business expand its reach to national and international markets, without the need for a large investment. Much of your organization’s information will be digitised dramatically reducing the cost of your processes.

Ecommerce Website Designing Company in Delhi, India

We are an ecommerce web development company in Delhi that specializes in designing, developing, maintaining & marketing websites for businesses. As an ecommerce website development company in Delhi, India, creating future-facing E-commerce websites that perform perfectly is what we do. Technology changes, but our insight and technical ability will keep your site at the top of its game.

At Codeaxia Digitial Solutions, we design and develop powerful eCommerce solutions that are scalable and flexible, yet simple enough to manage on your own. We recommend the best commerce software solution for your online shop.

We have designed and developed e-commerce stores on a wide variety of platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento as well as building bespoke/custom solutions to meet very specific customer needs which is generally the way to go if you require custom workflows or functionality which does not come out of the box with these platforms. This ensures that we have full flexibility in delivering sustained product development over a long period of time.

Our team of e-commerce development and design experts work closely together with our marketing department to ensure your website will rank well and convert through our e-commerce SEO Services, conversion rate optimization services or other digital marketing services.

Whether you’re looking to take your online business to the next level or are just starting out in the online retail marketplace, we are here to help your business thrive.

What we can do for you

ecommerce web design, development company
More people are now accessing the internet with mobile devices than desktop computers. This makes it crucial that your e-commerce site is optimized for all mobile devices. As an ecommerce website designing, development company in Delhi, India, we make buying online easy, no matter what device is used – desktop computers, phones or tablets.
User experience is an important aspect of any website. We provide user-friendly e-commerce solutions that showcase your products for maximum exposure and guide your users to convert easily. Our ecommerce web design services incorporate best practices to entice visitors to make online purchases.
We build all of our e-commerce sites with a strong SEO-friendly foundation to give you the best possible chance of future web domination. We use the framework that does an excellent job of opening the flow for improved organic traffic as the site was built with SEO efficiency in mind.
You’ll be supported by an experienced team of ecommerce web development experts who assist to cover your every need. We offer managed services and provide post-launch services to make sure your commerce site thrives.
We are a solution partner that works on a collaborative approach, efficient communication, and take agile responses to launch the site within the timeline. We strive on making you satisfied with our services.
Lighter websites load faster leading to more conversions & sales for your business at low costs. This enables your business to get more ROI using our ecommerce website design company in India.

How We Do

  • Understanding Your Requirements

    In the initial phase, we aim to understand your customers' 'pains and gains', build a solid foundation for general visual identity and agree on what is to be updated, refined and extended. During this, we also define high-level customer journeys and identify customer segments and personas.

  • UX & Solution Design

    Based on our initial findings, we then work together with you to determine the general look and feel and all other functions needed to support your key journeys and goals. We then design screens and style guides, before creating interactive prototypes to test and validate the solution prior to implementation. This ensures immediate results for your business.

  • Technology

    We’ll help you choose the best e-commerce platform on which to build your website to help you offer your customers effortless navigation to purchase. Whatever the platform, we ensure your e-commerce website offers customers an enjoyable shopping experience by pairing engaging design with a strong understanding of the user journey.

  • Development

    Our in-house team deploys responsive web shops that address your specific customer needs. Through our innovative delivery techniques, we define and implement cutting-edge strategies so that you can offer an exceptional digital experience to your customers.

  • Testing

    We do not want customers to wander onto a site that’s not quite ready for prime time. Before launching a website, our Quality Assurance/Testing team plays a vital role in assessing the usability of the online store, testing the correctness and usability experience of the final website is mandatory.

  • We believe in simple, intuitive solution which gives you complete control over your e-commerce site. Manage orders, keep track of inventory, keep a close eye on your customers, update and upload products, play with your pricing, insert and edit product details, make a big splash with promotions, etc.

We Use Best & Latest Technologies To Deliver