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Ways To Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have A Clue

Sometimes you are just flat out of ideas and you have been staring at a blank page thinking about what to write. This happens to the most of us even to those who consistently produce quality content have their off days. Sometimes they may complain about how hard it is to get going and create something solid, but they still try again and again.

Great content ideas are not always easy to come, even sometimes professional writers also find themselves stuck in this, yet they still turn out excellent content on a regular basis. If you are out of ideas then try to follow the following rules then you will get help in finding out the compelling content when you don’t have a clue;

  1. Compile a list of 10 blog posts from other blogs:-
  • First, try to find out your favourite websites and then find out your favourite post on each of them.
  • Publish these top 10 posts and try to explain and write about why you like them.
  • By doing this, you don’t even have to think about being creative and everyone will appreciate it.
  • Thus, curate the content properly and make a proper list of your top 10 favourite blog posts.
  1. Ask your audiences:-
  • You may also reach out to your audiences if you are tapped in your ideas.
  • It can be done in several ways like;
  • It can be as simple as running a “what would you like me to write about” post, or
  • It can be more interesting by asking for their input on a problem and compiling their answers in another piece of content.
  • So try to take opinions or ideas from your friends who will help you to create a compelling content.
  1. Ask your friends for ideas:-
  • If you are tapped in your ideas then try to reach out to your friends and colleagues, and ask them what did they like you to write about.
  • You can take ideas from the following people;
  • Offline friends;
  • Online peers; and
  • Blogger friends
  • If you are not already a part of a mastermind group, then reach out to a few bloggers that are about as big as you are and start taking a suggestion from them or start suggesting them.
  • They will provide a great help to you.
  1. Create content without creating content:-
  • If you have to create your own content and you are unable to get ideas then there are the whole bunch of ways to do it without creating ideas.
  • In simple words, it means you can write something great without having to be creative or original.
  • This does not mean that the content would not be good, it only means that you are going to rely on something that has creativity and originality and that has already been filtered in your mind.
  • You may write or create about the following;
    • Create a best case study;
    • Create a worst-case study;
    • Write a review on anything that has been in latest;
    • Explain your success;
    • Explain your failure; and
    • Link to your old favourite post that the readers have not read before.
  1. Get inspired:-
  • The most interesting thing when you are fresh out of ideas is to recharge and get inspired by your surroundings.
  • Most of the times, it may sound difficult when you are looking at a desk covered with crumbled note papers with awful ideas, but don’t worry it can be done.
  • There are at least four ways to do it they are as follows;
    • Go for a walk and get some fresh air;
    • Go to the theatre as it a fantastic source of ideas;
    • Explore new culture; and
    • Tell your story

The reality is that when you are feeling uninspired then it is not the best time for you to write your articles. That is why the last point is to do the writing when you are feeling uninspired. Try to write a handful of articles and keep them in an emergency posts folder, to run when you absolutely do not feel writing. Therefore, the above points will help you a lot in writing a compelling content when you do not have a clue. So, try to implement these ideas for better and successful results.

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