interactions gauge effectivess content marketing campaign

Interactions To Gauge The Effectiveness Of Your Content Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, content marketing is one of the most effective and efficient forms of online marketing, but unfortunately, it does not achieve the status by default. Starting a content marketing is like a tree falling in the woods with nobody around to listen to it.

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign, it requires a lot of time, money and effort. And after all the big question here arises is that; How do you get to know that your campaigns are effective or not? The metrics available to measure the success of your campaigns are varied and vast. There are many different aspects of campaign results that can be measured to gauge if your efforts are bringing the success or not.

  • They are considered as the first-line responses that can tell you about how interesting your article is, how engaging it is, and what are the people’s first reactions.
  • More comments on your article mean more interesting to a greater number of people.
  • A blog post without comment means your content is not interesting enough.
  • Your blog might attract agreements, disagreements, or simple compliments but whatever it attracts, it means that you have done because your content was strong enough to evoke thought and feeling.
  • Thus, this is not the best or the only way to gauge overall quality, but it comes close.
  • Shares are another social-specific measure of your article’s success.
  • People share articles when they find it interesting or something unique in it or something that makes them feel powerful emotion.
  • There are two different types of share that are as follows;
    • The first type of share is a more direct type of share, it means that how many users have shared your blogs posts from your blog to social media channels; and
    • The second type of share is that to measure how many people have viewed your article on social media and shared it further to the respective audiences.
  • If your content is not getting enough shares then it means that you might have good content but the readers do not feel to share it with their followers.
  1. Email Engagement:-
  • Just because a potential customer did not make a purchase immediately during your campaign, it does not mean that the campaign was ineffective.
  • There are three stats specific to email engagement that will know how long lasting impression you are making, they are as follows;
    • Opens:- High open rate means you are using catchy and relevant subject lines. If your open rates are low then you need to revisit and take action how you are providing an immediate call to action.
    • Click rates:- This means that how many customers are clicking to take action after reading your email? You might be getting people to open your emails but also you are effectively motivating them to take actions.
    • Unsubscribes:- If you are seeing a rise in unsubscribes then it is might possible that you are sending too many emails, or you are not staying relevant to your customer’s needs and wants.
  1. End results:-
  • They are a key metric, mainly measured by web traffic and sales traffic.
  • This is what creates revenue.
  • When reviewing your campaign data, you should be able to measure how much of an increase in revenue and site traffic can be generated from the campaigns you are running.
  • Always keep in mind that, new sales are not the only sign of a campaign’s success.
  • Thus, certain marketing campaign might not directly lead to an immediate increase in sales volume but it helps to grow your business through an increase in impressions and brand awareness.
  1. Brand visibility:-
  • Brand visibility is difficult to measure, but one way is through the number of people searching for your brand name in Google or other search engines.
  • If this number is increasing, this means that more and more people are searching for your brand name which means that people are hearing about your brand name, and it is becoming more visible on the various search engines.

Thus, remember that your followers and readers are the ones responsible for making your efforts a success so do not make a mistake of ignoring them.

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