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Why Live Chat Is Critical For B2B or B2C Businesses

The difference between the B2B and B2C sales tactics is clear. B2B transactions are traditionally very complex, happen over a long period of time, and also require continual hand holding from professional services organisations from deployment well past adoption. Especially the consumer purchasing in the digital age has become a fast, easy, self-service experience where instant satisfaction is not only expected it is demanded. But the expectations of B2B transactions are changing rapidly, and they are looking at a lot more like the demands of the typical retail consumers.

There are so many options available to enhance the user experience and create more values for the visitors on your website. Today, more than ever, there are endless tactics available to attract the leads and convert them into the customers. Live chat is an important component of an inbound marketing strategy. According to the American Marketing Association, live chat increases the conversion rate by 20% and results in a 305% overall Return on Investment (ROI).

Traditionally, while more B2C conversion tactic, there is much evidence that all the consumers will ultimately behave in the same way and that B2B businesses will see just as much Return on Investment when implementing this support channel.

  1. Build trust on the path to purchase:-
  • Decision makers and their teams search online to first understand their problems and then to evaluate solutions that ultimately solve it.
  • As they move from the awareness stage to the consideration stage along with the buyer’s journey, live chat can build up the buyer’s confidence.
  • When the potential customer is not much clear about the details that you offer or what he/she is looking for, then having an instant answers to the questions through live chat will begin to a position as a trusted partner.
  • Thus, with the shifting demographics of the workforce, chat will be instrumental to the remaining competitive across the digital landscape.
  1. Educate along the buyer’s journey:-
  • Education is the capability of live chat to answer the questions that creates a personalized buying experience.
  • Using the content to the maximum advantage via the live chat can support the conversion rates in a way which is similar to sales enablement.
  • These industries can specifically benefit from the online chat which can deliver a personalized, positive brand impression to the customers and can also resolve the potential objections during the consideration phase.
  1. Define website optimization priorities:-
  • Feedback via the help of digital chat tool is invaluable, and visitor questions via the live chat can provide the insights, which includes;
    • Content needs;
    • Clarification of pain points;
    • Motivators for buying like price, features, customer support; and
    • Feedback of the product or service for the new product development.
  • Thus, live chat makes a website dynamic and interactive which is an essential for the improvement of website engagement metrics, like increasing time on page, decreasing bounce rate, and supporting conversion goals.

Thus, live chat impacts your bottom line in the following key ways;

  • Reduces the overall customer service costs by resolving the questions quickly;
  • Minimizes the phone expenses;
  • It helps the platform to manage the multiple conversions simultaneously, instead of managing support growth on the phones; and
  • Improves the customer and prospect experience and positively impact the net promoter score, which measures the brand loyalty.

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