what to do when social media marketing goes wrong

What To Do When Social Media Marketing Goes Wrong

In today’s world, social media has become critical. However, the technology and the techniques used are still relatively young. Nowadays, consumers are using social media more than anything ever to find new products or services, even as it is constantly evolving.

Unfortunately for some of the companies, customers are adapting much quicker to social media changes. It is very easy to see how companies all over the world suffer from blunders and missteps with their social media marketing campaigns.

On the internet, everything lasts forever. The comeback to these incidents can be harsh, but the good news is that, for the most part, customers tend to forget blunders soon enough because the next big thing is already happening. However, companies cannot forget about these blunders to avoid making the exact same mistake.

Take a look at some of their social media marketing fails and learn what can you do to avoid something similar from happening to you;

  1. Do your research properly:-
  • Companies targeting the younger generation are always looking to find the next cool visual to use in their social media marketing strategies.
  • It is very obvious that everyone is attracted to good visuals, but for the incredibly fast-paced world of millennial, visuals reign supreme.
  • Always remember to do your research when posting images, quotes or anything else that may be something other than what it appears to be.
  1. Separate personal and corporate accounts:-
  • When you hire a social media specialist, you really want someone who loves to be on social media.
  • Unfortunately, hiring specialists who love to tweet and post a little too much could eventually lead to some crossed wires.
  • It is very easy to mix up your personal account and corporate social media account.
  • There are many ways through which this can be avoided, but one of the most simple ways is to separate both the accounts by a device.
  • Give your social media specialists company-owned devices that are only allowed for corporate use only, and helping employees to leave personal accounts on personal devices.
  1. If you automate, automate well:-
  • There are many elements of social media that can be automated.
  • There are many programs which can help you manage to like, respond, comment and post.
  • Also, automating everything has some drawbacks too.
  • Some social media automation can be incredibly helpful and convenient, especially during the prolonged social media campaigns.
  • Always keep in mind that if you automate, you should have the appropriate filters and monitoring in place before the campaign starts.
  1. Do not force connections to current events:-
  • There are plenty of people who use social media to keep up with current events and post their thoughts about those events.
  • Also, there are many of the companies which are trying to do the same as a way to connect with the potential customers.
  • Unsurprisingly, many of these attempts fall flat and some of these attempts are completely offensive.
  • Connections to current events can be incredibly effective ways to connect with potential customers, but only in case if it is done right.
  • If your brand has nothing to do with the event taking place, do not try to force it.
  1. Use trending hashtags properly:-
  • It is pretty common knowledge that using trending hashtag is a great way to gain some more exposure to the people monitoring those hashtags.
  • They are trending for a reason, and a good social media team knows how to properly capitalize and use on the basis of latest trends.
  • Sometimes it is very crucial to research trending hashtags to make sure that you can appropriately capitalize on them.
  • If you do not appropriately capitalize on them then you might offend a huge group of people and go down in social media fail history.
  • So, try to use the hash tags properly according to the latest trend.

In the hands of social media intelligent employees, your social media accounts can be incredibly powerful. However, sometimes they can also be the cause of your downfall. If you are running social media marketing campaigns, be smart and responsible. It is okay to take a longer time to create reliable campaign if it means to avoid social media fails. Thus, social media plays a crucial role in driving massive traffic plus leads for a business. It all depends upon the quality of posts we do.

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