unusual productivity hacks write faster

Unusual Productivity Hacks To Write Faster

Creating content is considered as the smartest strategy and with the help of this you can establish your expertness level, attract the customers you want and also you can grow your business. Even though content marketing is a smart strategy to grow your business, it is not always easiest to execute it.

One of the biggest challenges for the content marketers or the business nowadays is creating a content they need to reach their goals and it should be in time to produce it. If you want to produce more content than your regular or current content capacity then you can outsource your content creation. Nowadays, there are plenty of freelancers and content marketing houses available on the internet that would gladly produce all of your content which you want to produce. But if hiring other people to produce your content is not in your budget or not the path you want to take then you can learn to write faster also.

Thankfully, there are a lot of tools, hacks available nowadays on how to do that. In this article, you will find the hacks for writing the content faster. Try to follow the few tips below, to help you produce a larger amount of high quality of work and write it faster that earns you more and more customer.

  1. Write when groggy:-
  • We all show up to work feeling less than our best from time to time.
  • Research has proved that creativity requires a broad and unfocused approach. And if you are more likely to achieve that when your process of the brain are at their weakest.
  • Essentially, you are less critical and more confident in your ability.
  • There is also one indication that the modest amount of alcohol unlocks our creativity because the person is most likely to break down their thoughts and ideas at that time.
  • It is also suggested that if you are a type of person who wakes up without difficulty each morning and is alert and active during the first part of the day then try to write it in the evening to get that first draft done.
  • If you are a type of person who can stay up late at night then try to write it in the morning.
  1. Set a timer:-
  • Using a timer helps to beat out the hesitation.
  • When you will see the time passing away then you will get more aware that you are wasting your time, then you will find different tactics to keep writing as soon as possible before the time runs out.
  • Even also if you decide to write the content just for 20 to 30 minutes, then have a tea break or move towards a different task, then you will be able to avoid distractions and less likely to burn out.
  • By setting a time, you will be more focused towards your work for its accomplishment.
  1. Get in the mood to write:-
  • Sometimes it happens that you feel hesitated while starting the work or writing the content.
  • Try to follow a short ritual to get in the mood to write.
  • Your ritual to start a work can be like;
    • Switch on your computer;
    • Open the document you wanted to work on;
    • Make a cup of tea or coffee;
    • Set a timer for the completion of work; and
    • Start typing.
  • Keep in mind that you should not make your ritual too complicated as it might take too much of time.
  • Rituals mostly used to works because they boost up your confidence and motivation level.
  1. Chop up the writing process:-
  • Always start with considering the different parts of your content.
  • A blog post contains a headline, subheads, opening, main body and a final paragraph.
  • Cut the writing process into steps;
    • Idea generation;
    • Research;
    • Outlining;
    • Writing a bad quality first draft;
    • Revising;
    • Editing; and
    • Formatting
  • When each of the writing above step is as small as possible then writing your next sales or blog post becomes a breeze.

Thus, it is obvious that good writing takes time, but that does not mean that you cannot speed up. When you adopt a right habit and mindset for writing the content, then you can write surprisingly faster.

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