things you are doing wrong on your website

10 Things You Are Doing Wrong On Your Website

Whether you have a website of your business or not website visitors play an important role. Nowadays, many businesses make a website for their business as a business with no website is a losing business. It takes a great effort to put good content on your website. Sometimes, unfortunately, many individuals forget to update their website. Some of them let their website old and outdated and don’t take full advantage of all the functions that a good website has to offer.

Below I have listed some of the points that you are doing wrong for your website. Try to don’t fall under this category, if by chance you are falling under this category kindly go through these points and prevent your website from loss.

  1. Content of the website is rarely or never updated:-
  • The content of your website should be regularly updated.
  • You should make sure that all of the content in your website is up-to-date.
  • If your website is having outdated information or providing outdated information to the customers then there are big chances of losing the goodwill of your company as no customers want to get inappropriate information.
  1. Loading time of the website is high:-

website loading time

  • There are many people who are impatient and if your site is taking the time to load then you may lose their attention.
  • Thus, your website should have a quick load speed.
  • So, organise your website into a relevant category as it will speed up the process and also will affect the overall load speed of your website.
  1. You don’t have a mobile website:-

responsive website

  • Nowadays, most of the internet is used in mobiles or tablets.
  • If your website can not be opened from 4 inches screen to large desktop then the visitors probably will not visit your website.
  • Your website should be mobile friendly.
  • As most of the customers use a mobile device to surf on retail stores so make sure that your website is easy to load at mobile or small devices too.
  1. Websites having videos that play automatically:-
  • No one wants to listen to a sudden noise on the speakers especially if a visitor is visitor is visiting your website in college or office.
  • These days it is an ongoing advertisement trend which is very annoying.
  • Mostly the visitors close the website where the sound is coming from.
  • Avoid having auto play video or audio by setting it on mute mode.
  • If a visitor sees the video interesting then he/she will turn up the volume automatically.
  1. Your website is old:-
  • As the days change, design trends also change frequently. It is important to keep your website updated with latest design trends.
  • So, the design of your website should also be changed frequently say once in a year or twice in a year.
  1. You have set up social media pages but never posted on them:-
  • If you are having social media page but you have not posted anything for a long time.
  • Try to keep them updated on regular basis.
  • So, update your social media pages regularly so that customers who are following you on that pages should get regular update of your company and website pages too.
  1. Writing too much or long content:-
  • The website should not be so text-heavy.
  • Text-heavy means the website is having too many words on the webpage.
  • So break your content with the bullet points as readers don’t want stuffy content.
  • Thus, while writing for your website keep in mind to write shorter points.
  1. Not being transparent to customers:-
  • You should always clear your costs and delivery prices at the time of purchase of a product.
  • Try to include full details for delivery.
  • You should always give all of your contact details so that customer can easily approach to you in the case of any query.
  • So, a good website should always be transparent to customers so that in the case of any query they may contact you.
  1. Not being consistent:-
  • You should always remain consistent to your website.
  • Jumping from one topic to another without mentioning streamlining may confuse the customers as they will not get to know about your company.
  1. There are useless pop-ups on the website:-
  • Many visitors hate the pop-ups on the website as they just interrupt the browsing experience.
  • If you should have pop-ups, make it minimal and have it appear only after a period of time that a site visitor has already stayed on your page.
  • Therefore, the visitor will not be frustrated if they are being interrupted for a second by a pop-up.

The above-mentioned points are pretty simple. If you are exploring any local business website then you should keep an eye open if you found any of these issues. Thus, it is best to work the web and use effective copywriting techniques to build your content and brand. So, prevent your website from the loss as explained above.

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