common linkedin marketing mistakes

Common LinkedIn Marketing Mistakes

As the digital marketing headhunters, we often see that most seasoned professionals make mistakes on the social media that are easily avoidable.

Social media is a place to showcase your awesome personality and get creative. But for marketing professionals, one small mistake can be harmful, especially when you are actively looking for a job.

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking website which is available today and with a reason. It is the ultimate channel for professionals in any industry to build out their networks on. However, LinkedIn can also be a very tricky platform to navigate. You make one minor blunder mistake and you can spoil your entire professional credibility which makes you look unprofessional and unfit for the job.

Whether you are actively looking for a new job or not, digital marketing headhunters want to make sure that you should avoid making the common mistakes to maximize your presence on the LinkedIn profile.

With your profile in good shape, it is the time to start building and strengthening your network with an intention. But also, before you get too excited and start connecting with everyone, just make sure that you know how to reach out the right way which means that not making the mistakes.

Here are some of the following mistakes which should always be avoided during LinkedIn marketing;

  1. Posting meaningless content:-
  • Unfortunately, this is not a place to share some personal contents like selfies, or a status explaining why you had to take your pet to the vet this morning or how nasty was the traffic.
  • You should be using this platform to create interest in your own brand by sharing the relevant content, such as informative articles related to your industry, pictures of your office, store or company, details about what you offer to the customers, and much more like this informative content.
  • Also, if you are having a blog then it would be great to share links to your posts.
  • So, make sure that you should use this platform to shine and not sharing such kind of meaningless content.
  1. Having a half-baked profile:-
  • Well, your profile is the first impression which you give to other LinkedIn users, so it should definitely be in a positive way.
  • Your LinkedIn Company Page is a great place to showcase your expertise and past projects and to avoid marketing mistakes.
  • You should talk to your target audience about the value you bring to the community and industry as a whole.
  • The first and foremost thing is that you should tell them how you can help them.
  1. Not personalizing your LinkedIn URL:-
  • This is probably considered as the simplest marketing mistake to avoid.
  • Changing all those numbers to your name in your URL is such a simple task, but such a meaningful detail too.
  • Not only it is prettier to the human eye, but also it is more user-friendly and it will be easier to find you by your name.
  • More importantly, it contributes to your whole SEO strategy.
  1. Not optimizing your profile:-
  • Most of the professionals do not optimize their LinkedIn profiles, as a result, they cannot reach the right customers or entrepreneurs.
  • As LinkedIn is a totally different platform and is also totally different from Facebook and Instagram, so marketer should upload a decent or product relevant image.
  • If you are having a logo for your product using that makes a marketer page look more professional.
  • Thus, you should optimize your profile properly and appropriately.

Therefore, LinkedIn is the platform which is specially created for professionals to build a network, establish connections with other professionals in the same industry, discover some new career opportunities and share industry related thoughts and insight. Thus, LinkedIn goes to great lengths to keep the platform professional and you should also do the same by keeping your profile look more professional.

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