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Ways To Rank Higher On YouTube

It is not a secret at all that video is becoming more important to any company’s marketing strategy, and for many, hosting these videos on YouTube makes the most sense. You can still feature your videos on your website but it also helps to have a YouTube account and channel. By letting your videos live on YouTube, people can subscribe as well as find your videos while browsing around that search engine. In fact, YouTube is actually considered as the second largest search engine. By this, it helps to open up a ton of opportunity for connecting with new audiences and bringing your business to the next level.

YouTube is such a large platform that you have quite a bit of competition when it comes to ranking. Just like any other search engine, you want your videos to show up when someone types in a certain search term. This means that you need to not only have a strategy for the types of videos you are going to create but an SEO strategy to help make sure that they get seen by the right people.

To get the high numbers YouTube is looking for, you need to optimize your content so that people click through and push play. And it is not just talking about your video content but also what matters here is that your keywords, title, description, tags and much more.

Here, below are some of the points which can help you to rank higher on YouTube;

  1. Keywords:-
  • If you are being able to find out the videos that keywords will help you then it will help you to figure out what you want your video to be about as well as help you to know how to optimize that video.
  • There a few tools to try out a few different keywords in your industry and see where there is not much competition.
  • Also, you can also focus on video keywords and use video rich extract to help your video rank on a Google SERP.
  • Sometimes a video will outrank other results just because they are videos, so it is a good idea to take some of these terms and plug them into Google as well as YouTube to see what the competition is like.
  1. Title:-
  • The title of your video should be short and it should grab a reader’s attention too.
  • You have 120 characters to get across what the video is about and what makes people want to click.
  • So, your title should be written in such a way that it will attract the viewers to view your video and they will be willing to view it and share it too.
  1. Description:-
  • When the YouTube robots crawl on your webpage with your video, you have always to remember that they cannot actually watch the video and listen to the words. This is the only reason why the description is so important.
  • It is also a good idea that to put your link at the top of your video because descriptions do also get cut off which means that only about the first 55-70 characters, or approximately 22 words are usually shown.
  • Also, many companies choose to add in a transcript of the entire video if it is not too long.
  1. Tags:-
  • Tags simply just allow you to out in a few keywords that will help YouTube learn about your video.
  • You can also usually have as many as tags as you would like, so just try to be extra specific and add in your location, categories, names of people in the video, etc.
  • It is usually said that 10 tags are a good rule of thumb.

Thus, choosing the right keywords, incorporating them into your title, description, and tags and, also customizing your video thumbnail make a big difference in your YouTube traffic and success. You can also get more traffic by promoting your video across all of your social media profiles to reach as many people as possible.

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