common mistakes avoid ppc campaigns

Common Mistakes To Avoid In PPC Campaigns

When PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is executed correctly then it can be a great way to direct traffic to your website. It just satisfies the needs of the people who are searching for something in particular search engines and for those who choose to advertise online. It is a fact that people are more likely to click on the paid advertisement than not.

We are all human beings and therefore we are capable of making errors. And also the word PPC is rapidly evolving with new and even with more sophisticated features and updates. With all of those shiny new bells and whistles to explore, it can be a little bit easy to forget the basics.

Making wrong decisions while you are setting up a PPC marketing campaign can cost you more. Your advertisements or even your whole account can suffer and as the result of common mistakes that can be easily avoided.

This article will discuss the PPC marketing and some of the common mistakes that marketers make at that time;

  1. Not knowing the basics:-
  • Before you are ready to get started with any of the new software or program, it is important for you to know the basic fundamental concepts and formulas and should have a solid grasp of how the programs will work.
  • Unfortunately, some of the PPC campaign managers overlook this fact and just jump right in this and they assume that they will quickly figure out how everything works through simple trial and error method.
  • So you need to understand the ideas behind ad ranking, bid adjustments, keyword types and much more which will help you to understand how to make appropriate and proper adjustments in your campaign so that they are successful.
  • Therefore, without this type of basic knowledge, you cannot become more advanced.
  1. Not having a relevant landing page for your advertisement:-
  • When people click on your ads, they just need to see the same copy on the page on which the ad is linked to.
  • So, try to build a separate landing page which is specific to each and every advertisement which you have created.
  • If your visitors have to navigate around your website from the homepage to find out what they are actually looking for then they may get frustrated and may leave too.
  • Thus, you should have a proper landing page for your advertisements.
  1. Targeting too badly:-
  • Broad match keywords are important for any of the PPC campaign, but you should be careful not to reach too far.
  • For example; if you are selling women’s red shoes and only women’s red shoes, bidding on broad keywords like shoes or boots would be pointless.
  • So, make sure that you are using keywords which are relevant to your business and will accurately reflect what you sell.
  1. Not improving your quality score:-
  • Your quality score can help you to make or break your campaign.
  • There are several different factors that can lead to a negative score quality.
  • If your score on a particular advertisement is low and you do not make changes to improve it, then it could negatively impact your entire account.
  • A low-quality score will increase the cost of your campaign and will lower your portion of the impression share.
  • You will be paying more for each click and then your CPA will increase immensely if you are not careful.
  • So, stop running that advertisement altogether until if you are able to determine what is causing the low score in order to keep your account from hurting.
  1. Setting up but not maintaining:-
  • It may be tempting to think your job is done once you have finished setting up an account.
  • Failure to maintain existing campaigns and the ads is the biggest mistake a PPC manager can make.
  • It is important that you should keep an eye on all of the ads and campaigns in your account in order to promote efficiency and keep the costs low.
  • Thus, you should maintain your account on a time effectively and efficiently.

PPC advertising can be a very powerful use of your marketing dollars if it is done correctly. It has the means to significantly increase the traffic and conversions. However, if these common mistakes are overlooked, then it may only provide you with negative results. Thus, you cannot ever make the same mistakes two times because the second time when you make the mistake it is not a mistake, it is your choice. So, avoid these common mistakes to drive quality traffic to your website.

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