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Outstanding Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

It is known that small businesses have historically been slow to adopt the content marketing strategies that corporate marketers use. But in recent years, as SEO has evolved significantly it has become very much clear that small businesses need to include how to remain competitive in the ranking in terms of content marketing.

One of the biggest challenges of content marketing which is being faced by small businesses is producing enough material to fill that editorial calendar. It is sure that you know it is necessary to post regularly, you also know the content needs to be quality information, well compiled and should be checked for duplication.

So, whether the content is created in-house or outsourced to an agency, there will always be a time when creative ideas for interesting new content become scarce. Here are some of the tips for creating outstanding content for small businesses:

  1. At a glance readable content:-
  • It is quite obvious that nobody likes reading dense paragraphs anymore.
  • Especially with the mobile user forming the large part of an audience, expecting them to go through a large body of text is impractical.
  • The attention span of the audiences is going to be decreased at a fast rate so you need to deliver the content that can be scanned at a glance.
  • Here are some of the points which you need to be remember;
    • Break a large text content into small paragraphs and divide the sections with heading and sub-headings.
    • Use some bold and italic characters to catch the phrases and important line to grab the attention.
    • Use bullet points under the sub-headings to allow quick reading of the points described or explained.
  1. Create evergreen content:-
  • There is some of the content available on the internet which remains fresh forever. They are known as evergreen content.
  • Such content helps to build credibility and reputation of a website.
  • Evergreen content typically consists of expert articles and blogs with detailed information and knowledge that will remain authoritative for a longer period of time.
  • Also, if you want to post videos with expert guides on a given topic then it can also remain as evergreen and relevant for the years which are to come.
  • So, try to create an evergreen and long-lasting content which will remain fresh forever.
  1. Be consistent:-
  • This means that always be regular in posting your content.
  • If you are publishing your content weekly then make sure that you post on or around the same date each week.
  • Through consistency, followers will get to know when to expect your material and you can build up the momentum.
  • It takes some time to compete with the big players but this consistency can help you to develop a strong online presence.
  1. Do not forget about SEO:-
  • When it comes to creating content that reaches your audiences successfully, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in it.
  • In its simplest form, SEO is the process of using keywords in your content that will help the search engines to find when those keywords are entered into a search.
  • So, if you want that your content should be founded in the searches then you should not let go of SEO and use it to its usefulness.
  • Thus, just make sure that you are creating the content that will be relevant, interesting, actionable and informative for your targeted audience first then you can optimize it for the SEO after that has been accomplished.
  1. Pick the right social channels for the distribution:-
  • Social media should always be on the top of your list when it comes to sharing of your content.
  • But also this does not mean that you should be present on every single social network there. Choose that social network platforms best suited for your business and your content.
  • One of the best ways to choose social platform is if;
    • Your content contains the images and Infographics then it is highly visual for the networks like Pinterest and Instagram.
    • Link to blogs is excellent content to share on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
    • While the content with white papers and case studies are perfect for sharing on LinkedIn.

Therefore, content marketing has become the required component of SEO and it works by engaging new and existing audiences and encouraging sharing. For the small businesses, it is a little bit difficult to stay on the course and ideas are tough to generate on a consistent basis. Also, in addition, be sure that there is fast loading speed for all of your content.

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