super simple content marketing hacks double lead generation

Super Simple Content Marketing Hacks To Double Your Lead Generation

If lead generation is the engine that drives your business then content marketing is considered as the premium grade gasoline which you use to fill that engine. The power of content marketing has made it easier than before to implement Evergreen lead generation strategies and those leads are converted into happy satisfied customers.

There are few simple hacks which you can implement to double your lead generation’s result overnight and it will generate leads in numbers which can amaze or wonder your mind. Those hacks which will help you to double your lead simple generation are as follows;

  1. Write content that goes deep:-
  • This hack is considered as one of the simplest hacks.
  • Writing long and deep content will enable you to provide more value in the minds of your customers.
  • Always remember for SEO and branding purposes, the content should always be in long form and should be better.
  • The average length of viral articles should be around 800-1000 words. So if you are planning on generating leads through your blog then increasing the length of your content is a good start.
  • Thus, each word in your blog must provide value to fulfill your customer’s attention.
  1. Use content upgrades for your lead magnets:-
  • The lead magnets which you are promoting should be identical with your content on your page your viewers are reading. These are known as content upgrades.
  • Content upgrades are lead magnets that are designed to enhance the user’s experience in exchange of some contact details.
  • If you want to increase the number of leads generated, then you should start using content upgrades for your lead magnets.
  • You need to create content upgrades according to the customers i.e., what your audience is looking for.
  1. Link to webinars directly within content:-
  • A webinar is a seminar which is being conducted over the internet.
  • Webinars is considered as one of the single most effective lead generation and marketing tactics available to all the modern entrepreneurs.
  • But if you are not promoting correctly with them then their power means nothing or they are useless for you.
  • One of the first step you need to take to promote your webinars in the body of all your articles and emails in the subtext of your video.
  • Some people seem it as an easy hack but it has a huge impact on your ability to generate leads.
  1. Use multi-touch content marketing campaigns:-
  • Multi- touch designing is an important tool for the modern entrepreneurs as generating a lead is good but after the initial generation, you are miles away from converting that leads to trust your brand and make a purchase.
  • You need to design campaigns that allow you to connect with your new leads.
  • Developing campaigns should be done on regular basis or should be on a recurring basis until or unless you have developed enough links to well organize the sales process.
  1. Include tweetable quotes in the body of your articles:-

double your lead generation

  • A greater way to increase or rapidly grow your lead generation is by including tweetable quotes in the body of your articles.
  • This is a simple hack and it just requires nothing more click to tweet.
  • This can result in a huge growth to your twitter and there will be a rapid increase in the number of leads that you generate through social media.
  1. Include share buttons in your emails or on your web page:-

content marketing hacks to double lead generation

  • If you are creating a long form content, the members of your emails list will definitely want to share your content.
  • You should always take advantage to this by including share buttons in all of your emails or at the end of every single content that you have written on your pages.
  • This will add simplicity in the sharing process and will also increase your odds of generating your leads and social publicity or promotion for your brand and your content.

Content marketing is one of the greatest weapons in generating your leads and it is equipped with the above six hacks. By following the above hacks you will soon become a lead generating ninja or master in a very short time.

Thus, all of the above tips are relatively simple to implement, they just only require a significant amount of testing and optimization before their full potential will be realized. You may also like to keep these things in mind while doing content marketing. So, start implementing them from today and get ready to reap (acquire or receive or obtain) the rewards.

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