ways google ads can used b2b marketing

Ways Google Ads Can Be Used For B2B Marketing

Smart marketers know Google Ads is an essential part of a strong B2B marketing strategy. Google Ads are a vicious marketplace for B2B businesses. So, for some of the B2B companies, campaigning on Google Ads can often be an exhausting and unrewarding experience. The process is different from as compared to the B2C for a number of reasons. Thus, the main difference is that business-to-business relationships are ongoing that requires trust and the sales process generally takes longer than business-to-consumer relationships. Also, the B2B decision-making process often takes place on different multiple levels within the company’s hierarchy.

For those of the reasons, generating quality leads that would potentially turn into customers using AdWords requires patience, fine-tuning and a customer-centric strategy that puts content in the center.

Following are some of the ways through which Google AdWords can be used for the B2B marketing strategy;

  1. Neatly organize your keywords and Ad groups:-
  • One of the most critical elements of your Search Engine Marketing campaigns is the organization of your keywords.
  • Structuring up your Ad groups will allow you to adopt both of your Ad copy and your landing page to best fit the keywords, and also it makes it easier to detect the performance patterns and execute an appropriate bid and status adjustments.
  • It is all right to have an ad group with only one keyword if there are no similar terms with which that keyword can be grouped.
  • But also, try not to create a miscellaneous ad group to block together all of the keywords that do not seem to fit anywhere else.
  • If the keywords in an Ad group are not related, then you would not be able to create ads relevant to each of them and thus it will lead to poor click-through rates and low conversion rates.
  1. Enhance your ads with extensions:-
  • Google Ads offers many ways to muscle up your search ads with extensions, and you should use as many as possible.
  • The biggest downside is the character limit.
  • It is very much difficult to give up the complete summary of the content that you are offering or in other words, the total benefits of your product is only in 70 characters.
  • With the help of Ad extension, marketers can not only include more information about the company but also they can include four more links in addition to the main landing page.
  • This means that you can offer 5 different conversion opportunities with one Ad.
  1. Use the proper landing pages:-
  • B2B Search Engine Marketing campaigns traditionally use two types of landing pages and these both are equally important in paid search marketing, that are;
    • Direct response; and
    • Content downloads
  • Many marketers make the critical mistake of not taking advantage of the content.
  • However, the actual best practice is to use paid search together with content marketing to start the lead nurturing process.
  • The core principle of content marketing is to start a conversation with prospective customers by offering them helpful, eBooks, whitepapers, blogs and industry reports related to their needs, rather than jumping right into a sales pitch.
  • Content marketing is about demonstrating value to prospects, which is crucial in a consumer-empowered marketplace.
  • Thus, feel free to have multiple conversion opportunities on your PPC landing pages.

The proper use of content in Google Ads campaigns allows marketers to build trust and establish the kind of relationships with the prospects that help them feel more comfortable. These can be a more profitable channel, but it is very much important to remember that Search Engine Marketing campaigns can take time to show their worth. So if you have patience, follow the above advice and use these all of the tools at your disposal, then you will see how much paid search can boost your overall Return on Investment.

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