Web Design Trends That Have Taken Over 2020

Trends are most commonly well known as the changes that happen in all creative fields, and web design is no different. Born of experimentation and innovation, trends are considered as the driving factors for change, which push an industry forward for the better.

As technology has become more advanced into every angle of our daily lives, so with this advanced technology users are demanding more and more from their online user experience. Users want only three keywords from their user experience that are; Personal, Interactive and Relevant. This basically means that web designers now face the challenge of developing a website which understands and responds to its users throughout the process.

The web is a unique environment which is constantly evolving and changing, and with this mind here we run down the most important web design trends that have taken over 2020 that are as follows;

  1. Adopt a mobile first approach:-

  • As the name suggests, the mobile first approach is the process of designing the website for mobiles first, then working up to for the bigger ones.
  • The mobile first approach has been around more than a few years now.
  • Mobile phones are officially named as the primary devices used for browsing the web.
  • Nowadays, more companies are realizing the importance of having a site that effectively delivers the content on a smaller screen.
  • Content should be designed to fit on the mobile and smaller screen devices first, then you should work up towards the larger screened devices.
  1. GIFs and other animations:-
  • There are many websites and apps that use animations for a while.
  • GIFs can also be used for your web design.
  • Animations can range from tiny loading devices which will entertain the users while waiting for the content to load.
  • They can also be used on a much larger scale which can be used as the focal point of the entire site.
  • Always remember, do not over use them as they work well to draw the user’s attention well.
  1. Big, Bold and Beautiful typography:-
  • Typography is also considered as a powerful medium, which able to create a personality, suggest emotion and set tone too.
  • Big and bold does not necessarily mean to the weight of the font, it is about dedicating significant screen real estate to a single and simple yet all-encompassing statement about the product or services.
  • So, expect to see an increase in over-sized and full-screen type which breaks the grid, beautiful, unique and lots of dynamic text and images.
  1. Authentic photography:-
  • Photography will always be considered as the main stay within web design and design in general.
  • Brands and designers will now be thinking more carefully about the image they use on their website.
  • Hiring professional photographers to take their shots which frame them in the way they want to be seen.
  • Some websites have beautiful full screened images to draw the users attention and assist their brand message and story-telling.
  1. Video becomes king:-
  • It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, but a video does that then times as a great.
  • The video is a long established and versatile medium which is useful for storytelling, marketing and has several advantages over traditional photography.
  • An image is motionless and flat, whereas video is altogether more dynamic in nature, which uses sound and movement to appeal the senses and hold attention for longer.
  • Nowadays, the video is quickly taking over the internet and the reason is above stated to how successful it is as a means for delivery of content to the clients.

There are hundreds of trends going on in any industry at every point and sometimes it is very difficult to point at each every single one, but we believe that the above are some of the more important ones that are being focused on 2020 and is sure to see some great websites and these design and trends in the website will be seen as one of the best website designs yet to come. From hand drawn elements to images, imaginative headings to more focused content layouts to animations, these designs will dominate web designs. But also not all of these trends will be relevant to you and your content but always remember that it is always beneficial to you to know that what is happening in the industry and to see where you are able to improve in order to develop and progress.

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