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What Makes A Good Landing Page Design?

Advertisement of your business online is an effective way to get in front of people where they spend most of their time and turn visitors into customers. With the help of online advertisements, a good ad company may get users to click on your ad but this does not guarantee you that they will turn into leads.

If a business’ landing page is designed right, then it can experience many benefits of landing pages. In general, however, a good landing page is one of the pages that convert visitors to leads by effectively providing the right information and steps a person needs to perform the desired action. A good landing page has an attractive offer and strong call to action that is being targeted towards the users. A good landing page is one that clearly conveys an offer, quickly communicates its benefits and causes users to contact your business.

There are some of the few points explained below that you may put in a landing page;

  1. Offer:-
  • A landing page is centred around getting visitors to perform an action, which is mainly aligned with your business objectives.
  • The offer of your landing web page is anything that you are giving to your visitors in exchange for their performing the desired action.
  • The offers can be in many ways like coupons, discounts, free trials, a piece of content or a consultation.
  • Offers are considered as an essential element to put on a landing page and it must be compelling enough to encourage your target audience to act.
  1. Headline:-
  • The headline or the title is the key message of your landing page, so it must convey exactly what is being offered.
  • It is also a first thing a visitor reads when they first time land on your page, so it should be bigger in size than the rest of the content on the page.
  • It is not necessary that the headline has to be at the top of the landing page, as long as it is easy to find can be consumed quickly by the users, it can go anywhere.
  • Your headlines need to convey the offer, but in an attractive way that grabs your reader’s attention through interest and gives them a reason to continue.
  1. Sub-headline:-
  • The sub-headlines serve to strengthen and support the headline.
  • It may clarify the offer in the headline, explain core benefits and provides a supportive statistics.
  • The sub-headline should always be near the headline as these two elements are strongly associated with each other.
  1. Image:-
  • If you want to increase the viewers on your page then try to put images on your page.
  • You may put clear, high-quality images into your landing page to increase its visual appeal and catch your viewer’s attention.
  • In addition, a good landing page supplies the information that is being required to make a good decision.
  • An image can do this perfectly by showing the product or service being used in the content.
  • The size of the image is always dependent upon the other elements on the landing page.
  1. Video:-
  • A video is another same element like images that you want to put on your landing page.
  • Videos can be used to show the customers testimonials, explain a complex product or service.
  • Sometimes videos can be particularly useful because they may eliminate reading, and can capture more emotion and personality of your brand especially when if you are in the video.
  1. Social proof:-
  • It is obvious that what other people have to say about your business carries more weight than what you have to say about your business.
  • Including social proof in your landing page is the key.
  • Some of the examples of social proof to put in your landing page include user testimonials, ratings from online reviews, publications and media outlets that have featured your business or also logos of well-known customers.

A good landing page is informative but also short, and goal driven but not pushy. It requires a right mix of content and images, and the right balance of information with instruction. When pieced together with the main offer as your focus and your target audience in your mind, the above elements will make a good landing page.

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