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Best Google Ads Practices For B2B Marketing

Some people think that Google Ads is a harsh marketing place for many of the B2B businesses. So, when it comes to Google Ads, B2B is a lot like B2C but it will have some of the variations. Smart marketers know that Google Ads is considered as an essential part of a strong B2B marketing strategy now. Since the searchers who are searching their questions in the Google or any other search engines are actively looking for their relevant answers or solutions, through this many marketers can grab the attention of the searchers and convert them into leads with search engine marketing campaigns as they take the right approach for them.

You are still targeting people actively searching for keywords related to your business it is just that your prospect is searching for the keywords on behalf of their business. Here are some of the tips which are used in improving Google Ads practices for B2B marketing.

  1. Use the proper landing pages:-
  • B2B search engine marketing campaigns traditionally use 2 types of landing pages i.e., direct response and content downloads. Both are equally important in paid search marketing techniques.
  • Many marketers make the critical mistake of not taking advantage of the content. They just simply assume that the best practice of taking advantage is to cut to the chase or to simply tell searchers.
  • But the best practice is to use paid searches together along with the content marketing to start the lead supporting process.
  • So make it clear that on your landing pages that you are in fact a B2B company.
  • Ask for the visitor’s business email, company name or highlight the fact that your customers are other businesses.
  • Thus, try to make proper use of your landing page.
  1. Target your competitors’ customers with the Gmail ads:-
  • There are over a billion of users on Gmail who are having their email ids on it.
  • Yet few advertisers are taking advantage of Gmail ads.
  • Here are some of the points through Gmail ads you can do;
    • You can target those people who have visited a specific website through Gmail; and
    • You can target those people who are communicating with certain domain names.
  • Thus, determine your customer’s lifetime value and bid accordingly so that it will remind you what it takes to crush the competition on Gmail.
  1. Effectively challenge your competitors’ keywords:-
  • If you are not feeling with the Gmail ads then take the traditional route of targeting your competitor’s keywords on the search network.
  • When you are applying this technique, make sure that your content is appropriate or relevant to the ad and the search term.
  • Your ad will be removed and reported if you are bidding on the company and your ad is misleading by pretending you are in that company.
  • Thus, make sure that while you are allowed to bid on your competitor’s brand name, then you are not allowed to use those brand names in your ad copy. Doing this may be able to cause your ad to be removed.
  1. Retarget prospects with the helpful information and resources:-
  • Always remember that with B2B Google Ads campaigns not everyone is ready to pick up the phone, make a purchase or get a quote.
  • It is simply a longer business cycle, and a lot of your prospects are still in research and information gathering mode, so they will easily hot your landing page without converting them into never to be seen or heard from again. Try to retarget them.
  • Retargeting means someone to show some sort of ad when a visitor leaves your website or landing pages.
  • Following are some of the examples of B2B retargeting;
    • If the customer has not signed up for your free trial, then retarget them with an offer of a webinar or free demo.
    • If the customer has not purchased your product online, then retarget them with a competitive comparison guide or product review too.

If the above points are done in a right way then Google Ads can be one of the most effective ways to market your B2B businesses. It is an awesome way to get in front of your audiences when they are looking for the solutions. And is it is done is a wrong way then, Google Ads is also a great way to lose a lot of money. Ultimately, B2B businesses will succeed or fail depends upon how well you understand the differences between the B2B and B2C advertising and how to leverage the sales of the B2B business to create a killer marketing sales cycle.

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