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Essential Tips For An Engaging Facebook Page

Nowadays, many people are deciding to set up a Facebook Page of their company’s profile or they just want to make their website the most existing one on the Facebook Pages. Well, Facebook has become the home of more than 1.4 billion users every month for the active users, so you are making a smart move towards it.

If you want to make a page on Facebook but you are not making it with a comprehensive strategy to get noticed, liked and get engaged with it then the chances of generating the leads and customers from it are pretty slim for you.

But it does not end there. Here are some of the compiled essential tips through which you can keep your Facebook Page engaged and will help you to generate leads and more and more customers;

  1. Do not create a personal profile for your business:-
  • The marketers or the entrepreneurs who have created personal profiles for their brands on the Facebook, instead of making an actual Facebook Business Page, then that is putting you at a huge disadvantage.
  • If you have not created a Facebook Page then you will miss out on all of the content creation tools, paid promotional opportunities and analytics that come with Facebook Business Pages.
  • Also, a personal profile would require people to send you a friend request in order to engage with you and by doing this you will make difficult for your customers to engage with you and your brand.
  • So, do not create a personal profile for your businesses instead make a Facebook Business Page.
  1. Choose an engaging cover photo:-
  • The next thing which you have to do is to attach an attractive cover photo.
  • Since cover photo makes the most space above the fold of your Facebook Page, so take the advantage of it by choosing or designing the right photo that is entertaining and engaging to your viewers.
  • So, keep in mind that like profile images, Facebook Page cover photo dimensions should also be changed frequently.
  1. Add a call to action button:-
  • The option for the brands to add a call to action button on the Facebook Page has vastly expanded.
  • These are things which include; watch a video, sign up, call or book now and each of this can be customized with a destination URL or piece of content of their choosing.
  • It is one of the great ways for the marketers to drive more of the traffic to their websites or to get more and more views or eyeballs on the Facebook content which they want to promote.
  • If you are selling products or services you can write “Buy Now” or “Book Now” on your page if your business is a hotel or a travel agency. So, come up with that call to action button that totally fits your business.
  • Thus, by adding this call to action button in your Facebook Page it will help you to generate more traffic to your site.
  1. Post photos and videos to your timeline:-
  • Visual content and videos are very helpful in creating an effective Facebook Business Page.
  • Not all people like to read and also they do not have much time too to read. So, if you want to share your information with your customers or visitors efficiently, try to use photos, videos, or infographics to attract them to your page.
  • Thus, video content has become pretty much requirement of any online presence, also including the social media channels.
  1. Pin important posts on the top of your page:-
  • When you post some new content on the Facebook Page, the older posts get pushed down in your timeline.
  • But sometimes you might want that your post should remain at the top of the page for a longer period of time even after you publish a new post. So for this, Facebook has offered an ability to pin one post at a time on the top of your timeline or page.
  • You can use this option for promoting things like upcoming events or important product’s announcement and many more new things.
  • Thus, always just keep in mind while using this option that you can only have one pinned post option at any given time.

Since creating a Facebook Business Page or Facebook Fan Page is easy, the main thing which you have to keep in mind is how to maintain it. By reading the above-explained tips, it will help you to how you can maintain Facebook Business Page or how you can establish an engaging Facebook Page.

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