common mistakes avoid twitter marketing

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Twitter Marketing

Everyone is on Twitter and using it but not everyone really knows how to use it. Mistakes are made all the time but it is how we learn. But some of the mistakes are kind of shocking and well downright embarrassing too. Some of the mistakes in social media even have the very real potential to get your business trending for all of the wrong reasons.

Social media marketing is all about engaging with your customers, listening to their wants, and being able to really respond to your customer as soon as possible. It is not about pushing them into your products or services, bombarding them with too much information or ignoring them when they want to connect.

Twitter is considered as a good social media tool which any business can use as a marketing tool. However, there are a lot of businesses who make mistakes while marketing on Twitter. If you are already using Twitter as a marketing tool then it is obvious that you may be making some of the listed mistakes below, and also, if you are just starting out for this then these mistakes should need to be avoided by you. This is because there is all kind of people who are using Twitter which means that there is a high probability that your prospective business customer is already using Twitter for fun and for getting more informed about the kinds of products and services which your business is offering. If you do not do Twitter marketing effectively then you might be losing more than you plan to gain.

Here are some of the fixable methods of how not to tweet:

  1. Buying Twitter followers:-
  • It is never a good thing for your business to buy Twitter followers.
  • This is one of the biggest twitter marketing mistakes which people or the businesses make on the twitter.
  • Many people think that the best way to reach more people is to have a massive Twitter following as soon as they start marketing on Twitter.
  • It is much better to have 1,000 followers who engage with you than 100,000 followers who do not really exist.
  • Also, if your followers are not those who genuinely followed you then your tweets will not get to them.
  • Thus, focus on creating quality messages that get people talking about you and your business.
  1. Using hashtags incorrectly:-
  • Twitter hashtags are used so that visibility of your business is created beyond your twitter followers can see and also this will helps you get more genuine twitter followers.
  • Using hashtags correctly can deliver your tweets to the people on the twitter who are interested in what you offer.
  • Try to avoid using hashtags incorrectly because you do not have to use trending hashtags as a part of your tweets if the hashtags are not related to your business offerings.
  • If you are using too many hashtags then it is also being annoying to your followers.
  • Try to limit the usage of the hashtag and try to use only those that relate to what you are trying to communicate.
  1. Not using Twitter analytics tools:-
  • The essence of using Twitter analytics tools is that it monitors your tweets and discover what works and what does not work.
  • Without using an analytics tool, you would not be able to discover more about your Twitter followers.
  • There are numerous Twitter analytics tools available and it can hard to choose a good one among them.
  • With the analytics tools you can click on the tweets to see how they performed and you may also learn about the interests, demographics, and locations of your followers too.

Therefore, these are the common Twitter marketing mistakes which you really need to avoid if you want to make effective use of Twitter for your business. Also, avoiding these mistakes will help your business get more results and in-turn will increase your business value and profits.

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