google ads tips will double conversion rate

Google Ads Tips That Will Double Your Conversion Rate

The goal of every Google AdWords advertiser is to maximize their Return on Investment  (ROI) by increasing the conversion rate and reducing the cost per conversion. However, most of the advertisers are not achieving these goals. Most of them create poorly managed PPC campaign that will cost them more money than the money which it brings in.

Google Ads involves bidding on specific keywords in order for the ads to show up in Google’s search results. Advertisers pay for clicks from the ads to their website or the landing pages.

In this article, you will learn the best ways to improve your Google Ads conversion rate with conversion tracking tools. The items below mentioned are proven to work. Here are some of the tips and tricks;

  1. Focus on your customer:-
  • The great Google Ads tip is to pay attention to your customer’s need when creating your ad campaign.
  • When you are targeting your audience in Google display networks, try to not to target everyone. Target only your audience.
  • If you are able to know your customers and create the ads that target them then it is a recipe for success.
  • Know your buyer persona before you create ads that target them.
  • Thus, you want to make sure that you are targeting your audience based on their top interests and demographics.
  1. Align your message with your landing page:-
  • You should make sure that your ad message is in line with your landing page and it is a very important Google Ads tip.
  • This is one Google Ads tip that will help you to improve your quality score and increase the clicks to your landing page.
  • The quality score is what Google uses to know whether your ad campaign is effective and relevant to your audience or not.
  • Thus, these Google Ads tips specify that your message or copy on your ad should look like the copy on your landing page.
  1. Do not use only broad match keywords:-
  • The most important Google Ads tip you will learn here is to stop using only broad match keywords.
  • The broad match keyword gives Google the right to interpret your keywords in different search queries.
  • This will make your ads to appear when the users make irrelevant searches. And this means that you will lose money on those clicks that will not bring business for you.
  • So, to put this Google Ads tip into practice, you should stop using only the broad match keywords.
  • Test different match types for your keywords.
  1. Add negative keywords:-
  • Every time you run a Google Ad campaign, try to add negative keywords.
  • Negative keyword removes certain keywords from triggering the display of your ad.
  • This will boost your conversion rate.
  • Negative keywords increase your click-through rate, reduces cost per click and boost up your ROI tremendously.
  • Therefore, to put this Google AdWords tip into practice, remove negative words when creating your Google Ad campaigns.

Thus, above are the effective and efficient Google Ads tips that will help you to maximize your click-through rate and conversion rate to get better ROI. Therefore, Google Ads is an effective way to get traffic to your website faster.

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