ways give linkedin profile seo impact

Ways To Give Your LinkedIn Profile More SEO Impact

By now, most of the professionals have a LinkedIn profile. Mostly nine out of ten recruiters use the LinkedIn profile to find eligible job candidates and most B2B companies are finding customers through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has established a social media platform for business in a big way. As it is crucial for a website to be optimized for the search results to increase the traffic, in the same way, it is crucial to increase the search results to increase the traffic on the LinkedIn profile too.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow, with the help of which your LinkedIn profile will have more SEO impact.

  1. Completely fill out your LinkedIn profile:-
  • Try to fill out every single field in your LinkedIn profile that you possibly can do, and also do this with the descriptive keywords.
  • The more information you enter in your profile, the more relevant searches you will get for in the eyes of LinkedIn.
  • Just make sure that you do not go with the over stuff your LinkedIn profile with keywords, which the people will not find your profile interesting.
  • Take as much time you want to complete your profile so that it is filled with full of honest, clear and accurate information.
  • So, if you are having a problem in filling out your profile, don’t worry, take the help of LinkedIn’s help and the profile strengthen tool to guide your profile for completion.
  1. Aggressively expand your network:-
  • LinkedIn search results heavily depend upon your network of friends, colleagues and business contacts.
  • The results show people who you either know or are connections with others that you know.
  • This means that the wider you cast your social net, the more people you will find and group connections to you.
  • So, try to get aggressive and connect with more and more people you can, after all, it is a social network.
  1. Join relevant groups and participate:-
  • LinkedIn lists the groups that you are a part of on your page, which in turn tell the LinkedIn more about you and what search terms are relevant for you.
  • Sometimes, many of the groups are filled with the active subject matter for the experts who genuinely found it interesting in interacting with others and helping them out.
  • Try to invest some time to ask questions and try to provide valuable answers to the other people’s questions.
  • Thus, helping others as much as possible is the best way to contribute your effort and it gets you noticed as well.
  • So, grab the opportunity which makes you learn and it will also make you better at what you do.
  1. Upload a picture:-
  • Upload a picture on the LinkedIn so that people get to know who they are looking for especially when you are having a common name.
  • Without a picture is not a going to help anyone to find you.
  • Use a clear picture that people can clearly see your face.
  • Do not put a glamorous picture or picture you are taking in the bar, it is a full formal and professional social networking site, so try to keep it professional as much.
  1. Share more content especially your own content:-
  • Sharing content on the LinkedIn is a fantastic way to interact with your connections and most importantly, it drives traffic to your latest blog, web content and many more as people are concerned with who has shared what. So, with this point, you can get more traffic to your latest blog, contents and many more which you have uploaded in the LinkedIn profile.
  • Also, you can put your latest work into the project section in the LinkedIn when you edit your profile.
  • Sharing contents allow for your connections to see, interact with, and also share your work with their own network. This can create to reach a wide audience without that much effort from your side.
  1. Put your LinkedIn URL everywhere:-
  • By putting LinkedIn URL everywhere you will get self-promotion.
  • Self-promotion is the spreading of good ideas and values in a productive manner by your own.
  • One of the best things which you can do is putting your awesome custom LinkedIn URL everywhere you can.
  • You can put your LinkedIn URL on business cards, website, resume, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email signature and many more places.
  • Try to put it everywhere and self-promote it as there is no tomorrow.
  • So, be confident and share your ideas and LinkedIn URL everywhere as you can.

Thus, with the help of above points, you can have more SEO impact on your LinkedIn profile.

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